About Us

Jim and Virginia

James C. Hill

In 1958 James C. (Jim) and Marie Hill loaded up their single wide mobile home and attached it to their one ton Dodge pick-up truck and moved to Denver from Bozeman, Montana. In 1959 they opened up the doors to James C. Hill Real Estate.

They raised three children, Jay, Matt and Avalon in Thornton, Colorado. The kids grew up working on the rental properties - earning their pocket money mowing lawns, painting, cleaning, etc.

Jim is semi-retired and still works in the office part time when he is in town. Marie passed away in 1995. Jim married Virginia Stuart in 2001 who is pictured with him.


Jay Hill
Realtor and Property Manager

James J. (Jay), Jim and Marie's oldest son, worked doing HVAC/construction right out of high school for 14 years then decided it was time to come back to the family business in the fall of 1989. Jay is the property manager and has had his real estate license since 1984 and really likes being a part of the industry and working with family on a daily basis.


Matt Hill
Assistant Property Manager and Maintenance

Matthew (Matt), Jim and Marie's second son, was enjoying his 20 year career in the US Coast Guard, when Jim flew out to Key West, Florida and asked Matt if he would consider coming back home to help with the family business. Matt retired from the Coast Guard in August 1999 and is both the Assistant Property Manager and head of maintenance.


Office Manager

Avalon (Av), Jim and Marie's daughter, worked in the office from 1982 to 1984 part time through high school, spread her wings for a few years and came back to to the family business in September of 1996. Avalon is the office manager and is the one who keeps the office on track.


Kathleena Hill
Realtor, Sales Agent and Broker

Kathleena (Kathy) Hill, Jay's wife, has been a sales agent/broker in the office since 1999 and can help you with selling your house or purchasing your dream home. She specializes in the Thornton and north metro area but she can help you find or sell a home anywhere.


Office Assistant

Suzette originally started working full time for the office in September 2007 and left in February 2009 when her family expanded by two and then came back to work part time in August 2011.


Office Assistant

Jennifer (Jenn), Matt's daughter, came to work full time at the office in February 2005 and as her family expanded switched to part time in 2006. She is in every Saturday.